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New Year, New Law: An Analysis of the Consumer Protection Act

The Zimbabwe legislature has gazetted the Consumer Protection Act [Chapter 14:14], No. 5/2019 which seeks to offer more protection to consumers of goods and services in the market place and to eliminate unethical suppliers and improper business practices. This note highlights some of the noteworthy features of the Act. We point out sections of the […]

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M&A activity hots up in Africa as investors bet on growth

Concerns on the scale of the Ebola crisis, current levels of political unrest and plunging commodity prices would have sent investors rushing out of Africa not long ago. But deal-making in the sub-Saharan region is buoyant as most investors set aside short-term worries and bet big on the continent’s growth prospects. “Africa is on the […]

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Private equity in Africa

HOUSED until recently behind a German beer garden in a shopping mall, Namibia’s stockmarket has just a handful of actively traded stocks. Its low profile is not unusual for Africa: the continent’s public markets are mostly small and illiquid. That is not the only reason why entrepreneurs find it hard to raise capital. Pension schemes, […]

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Scrambling for Africa – International Business and Future Practice of Law on the Continent

Progressively, international business is making inroads into Africa with a view to tapping into the African economy. This of course is no surprise as collectively, Africa’s markets continued to grow notwithstanding the 2008 global financial crisis which saw the economies of Europe and the USA contract and or otherwise remain in a state of stagnation. […]

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Demutualization of stock exchanges: the legal pros

Globally, stock exchanges are transforming their corporate governance structures through demutualization due to the globally competitive environment that is characteristic of the 21st century. The very first stock exchange to demutualise was the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1993. Thereafter, like a domino effect, the trend towards demutualization spread rapidly with exchanges in Canada (Toronto Stock […]