A COMMENTARY ON THE CHANGES BROUGHT ABOUT BY AMENDMENT ACT No 11 OF 2023 The Labour Amendment Number 11 of 2023 brought several changes to the previously existing legal regime. Some of the changes include impact on what maternity leave can accrue to an employee as well as the introduction of education leave. Notable changes […]

“No jab, no job” – Can an employer force employees to get vaccinated?

The government of Zimbabwe has undertaken to have every eligible Zimbabwean vaccinated by end of August 2021. However, the government has acknowledge one major resistance, it cannot force everyone to be vaccinated hence it has revised its stance to urging everyone to be vaccinated. To date there is no law that mandates everyone to be […]

Aspects of termination of employment for incapacity – some insights

Section 14(4) of the Labour Act permits an employer to terminate the employment of an employee who has exhausted the sick leave prescribed in the Act. A more often raised question relating to this subject matter is that, whether an employer is obliged to notify an employee in anticipation of, or upon, the expiry of […]

Labour: Minimum wages gazetted in first quarter of 2021

In the first quarter of 2021, a number of industries reviewed the minimum wage payable by an employer. The industries covered in this note are the Engineering Iron and Steel Industry, Printing, Packaging and Newspaper Industry, Textile Industry, Insurance and Pensions Industry and Catering Industry. Download Minimum wages gazetted in first quarter of 2021 (free […]

10 FAQs about COVID-19 & Employment Law in Zimbabwe

Can an employee unilaterally absent himself/herself from work? An employee cannot unilaterally absent himself/herself from work. The Employee has to get prior approval from the employer or apply for a leave of absence in terms of the relevant code of conduct. In fact, if an employee absents himself/herself for more than 5 days without leave […]